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Freedom to Grow Major A. Barnett

Freedom to Grow

Major A. Barnett

ISBN : 9781412085960
24 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the story of my rent journey to Selma Alabama with my father and my son. We went to say our final farewell to a half brother I never knew. My brother had a long career of military service overseas and had only recently returned to Selma near the end of his life. I had never been to Selma before, but I was interested to see my fathers hometown. I expected to meet my family and introduce my son to a different part of the country. What I did not expect was to be overwhelmed and excited by seeing a birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. My son and I saw the Edmund Pettus Bridge where hundreds of marchers crossed on their way to obtain voting rights in the state capitol of Montgomery. The marchers had been beaten and turned back from the bridge until Dr. martin Luther King arrived and President Johnson called in the National Guard to protect the people. Dr. King then lead a lager and determined group across the bridge and on the march to Montgomery in 1965. My son recognized the great importance of this bridge with a childs clear view. This is our story.