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Sex, Love, & Consequences Cleo Stinyard

Sex, Love, & Consequences

Cleo Stinyard

Published January 1st 2009
ISBN : 9781440497667
300 pages
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 About the Book 

Antonio Dredd is a 26 year old football player currently living in New York City. His family life and career seems to be a dream come true until he suffers a career ending injury. His injury destroys more than his career as his wife Jasmine is willing to share his glory but she is not down to support him through his rough times. As a result Antonio is spurned by love and forced to start all over again with only the guidance of his psychiatrist, Dr. Tenesha Thomas. Dr Thomas has her hands full as she has to keep a man with loads of potential from self destructing himself and get to the root of his problems. Antonio must realize that regardless of the choices he makes, good or bad, he has to be willing to deal with the consequences.