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Interplanetary Milkmen Peter Scott

Interplanetary Milkmen

Peter Scott

Kindle Edition
236 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This true and ancient chronicle (honest) documents the experiences of two men - Wiltham Aspic (Wilt), and William Woodcroft (Woody) who were self-employed dairymen looking forward to retirement. Milking the mucj (pronounced - much, remember that!) massive beasts at least four times as large as an elephant, they conducted their business upon several planets that even today remain beyond our knowledge (oh yes - apart from this book). More than close colleagues, Wilt and Woody were friends and not adventures, explorers, missionaries, or on any noble quest, just ordinary folk like you and I. To them the great ocean of limitless Space was no more extraordinary to behold than a garden pond is to our eyes, and as we might travel to work by car or some other means, to them a journey in one variant of zoot ship or another (there were loads of them!) was a normal mode of transportation. However, the road to disaster for Wilt and Woody began with rumblyfreda!