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All About Sled dogs Eric Michaels

All About Sled dogs

Eric Michaels

Published 2009
ISBN : 9780325016597
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 About the Book 

In the foreword of Erics diary, Paul Foss summarised his career in these terms:After finishing his doctorate, Eric accepted a fellowship from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies in Canberra to research the impact of television on remote Aboriginal communities - eventually published as The Aboriginal Invention of Television, 1982-86 (Canberra, AIAS, 1986). He remained in the Central/ Western Desert region where he involved himself in claims by Aboriginal media associations for increased local autonomy in video production and circulation (cf. Aboriginal Content: Whos Got It - Who Needs It, Art & Text, 23-24, 1987- and For a Cultural Future: Francis Jupurrurla Makes TV at Yuendumu, Melbourne, Art & Criticism Monograph Series, Vol. 3, 1988). At the same time, Eric became interested in the new acrylic dot paintings carried out at Yuendumu and Papunya, occasioning the essays Western Desert Sandpainting and Post-Modernism (in Warlukurlangu Artists, Kuruwarri: Yuendumu Doors, Canberra, AIAS, 1987) and Bad Aboriginal Art (Art & Text, 28, 1988). With these writings, exemplary in their refusal to romanticise indigenous cultures, Eric gained a wide following in Australia for his non-ethnographic approach to Aboriginal video and art.Michaels, E. (1990). Unbecoming: an AIDS diary. Sydney: Empress Publishing. pp. 12-13.But, what distinguished Erics life as much as his brilliant career was its end. Eric was one of the first known residents of Central Australia to die with AIDS. And, in typical style, he did that in a very public and assertive fashion by documenting the last months of his life in a diary that was to be published after he had gone. Unbecoming is a remarkable volume. It is a confronting, warts and all account of what seems like everything he did and said and thought as the virus took its final toll.Eric Michaels home page-http://astro.temple.edu/~ruby/wava/er...