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Fallen Austin H. Estes


Austin H. Estes

Published August 5th 2014
ISBN : 9781633670273
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 About the Book 

I am haunted by my mistakes. Unusual, I suppose, for an angel--an archangel no less--to be subject to such a thing. I cant say youre mistaken, only that I am. I am Michael, Viceroy of Heaven and servant of the most High God, and I am haunted by my failures, the terrible agony that I live with every minute. The memories, the ever-present reminders I see every day when I look at what has become of what was, they are whispers of my inability to save what I loved most. Thus Michael begins the history of the most terrible war ever waged, those dark days when angel fought angel and heaven found itself at war. Against the forces of God Almighty marched Lucifer, the morning star. He was the most glorious of angels, the viceroy of Heaven, and Michaels closest friend. Thousands of years ago these two found themselves across from one another on the field of battle. Michael and the army of Heaven fought for the greater glory of God against Lucifer and his forces who sought to attain the crown. And in the midst of these were caught mankind. How the mighty have fallen.