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The Pistoleer - HellBurner Skye Smith

The Pistoleer - HellBurner

Skye Smith

Kindle Edition
327 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In 1638 two English friends, Daniel Vanderus and Robert Blake, sailed home from the war-torn Dutch Republic. The two had met while riding as pistoleers in the Dutch Militia. The flying squads of pistoleers were skirmishers who targetted the Spanish Empires officers.As their ship rowed up the River Great Ouse towards Ely, a girls call for help linked their futures to Oliver, the tithe collector of Ely. Together they made history.* * * * *Skye Smith is my pen name. The Pistoleer is a series of historical adventure novels set in Britain in the 1640s. I was encouraged to write them by fans of my Hoodsman series.HellBurner is the first of the novels and sets the characters and scene for the entire series, so you should read it before reading any of the others. The sequence of the books follows the timeline of the Republic of Great Britain. The chapter headings identify the dates and places.